Courtney pine - children of the ghetto

At the launch of his jazz career he was ubiquitous on TV and magazine covers as the 80s image of cool, in sharp suit and red beret, his saxophone a potent visual prop. But he made a level-headed vow to the music press: "When you stop talking to me, I'll still be practising." His longevity in a notoriously fickle industry has borne this out.

Alcohol use by adolescents increases risk of both violence and unintentional injury. The latter is the leading cause of death among all adolescents, and motor vehicle crashes account for the majority of these injuries. 4   5

Debbie Raucher, John Burton Advocates for Youth
Charting the Course: Using Data to Support Foster Youth College Success provides information on the educational experiences of foster youth attending a subset of community colleges and universities in California. While there are some bright spots, the data show overall that foster youth enrolled in California’s community colleges and universities disproportionately face serious academic and economic challenges compared with non-foster youth, and are not being adequately served by federal and state programs, including financial aid programs. Particularly troubling was the finding that only 50% of foster youth attending California’s community colleges received a federal Pell grant, despite at least 85% meeting income eligibility requirements. Various studies have found that financial aid is a strong predictor of degree attainment among vulnerable students. As such it is likely that the report’s findings showing wide disparities in course completion, GPA and persistence rates could be significantly impacted by strategies that improve access to financial aid for foster youth. California is currently considering Senate Bill 12 (Beall), which seeks to do just that. The bill, sponsored by John Burton Advocates for Youth, includes three provisions. It would require county child welfare agencies to identify a person to assist foster youth with applications for financial aid, streamline the financial aid verification process for foster youth who apply through FAFSA, and expand an existing on-campus based support program for foster youth, thereby enabling more foster youth to receive the support they need to succeed. A recent study from Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago found that 94% of California’s foster youth express a desire to attend college and yet research shows that only eight percent will do so by age 26 . SB 12 will help these youth turn their dreams into degrees.

Courtney Pine - Children Of The GhettoCourtney Pine - Children Of The GhettoCourtney Pine - Children Of The GhettoCourtney Pine - Children Of The Ghetto